your pc binary emulating visualizer

Source Build [Linux] [Windows] [MacOS] [FreeBSD] [OpenBSD] [AMD64] [ARM]

Blinkenlights can be compiled from source on just about any POSIX platform. Even ones as intriguing as Cygwin and Haiku. Any hardware architecture should be supported (even ones like s390x) however only AMD64 and ARM64 will support JIT performance.

git clone && cd blink
make -j8
doas make install  # note: doas is modern sudo

Once installed, you can then run the blink and blinkenlights commands.

man blink
man blinkenlights
blink third_party/cosmo/hello.elf
blinkenlights third_party/cosmo/hello.elf

Source Code

The source code for Blink is almost entirely written in C which can be found in this folder:

To learn more about Blinkenlights, read our file on GitHub.